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Testimonial - Warren CA USA

Genetic Performance DNA Sports"I have used the results from my Athletic Panel to tailor my training and in fact I consulted with a nutritionist using that panel

The nutritionist assessment was that I was eating too much protein as a percentage of my diet. She also recommended that I eat more frequent smaller meals with complex carbohydrates as well as reduced fat. This diet worked quite well and got great results.

Keep in mind of course that what I was doing was really a mess, drinking Muscle Milk protein drinks before training and stuff like that.



There were a number of things I stopped doing in training as a result of the athletic panel. One thing in particular was that I was constantly working on hand and wrist. My panel showed that isometric grip was not one of my strong points and that I was in fact simply draining myself.

When I stopped those I almost immediately experienced relief from a lot of pain in my hands and forearms that I'd thought I was training to 'strengthen' Push-ups went from attempting high volume of reps to short sessions of very explosive movement.

I would recommend the athletic panel to anyone that has an interest in keeping fit and working out."

Warren CA USA.

Customer - 04-2013.

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