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Testimonial - Kenny Florian

kenny florianHow do you successfully train an athlete to reach top performance?

Kenny has competed at the highest levels of professional Mixed Martial Arts, he recently had GP run his athletic panel and had the following to share.

Change and evolution are the name of the game. When people look at the Kenny Florian that competes today verses the Kenny Florian that came off the reality show they see a completely different fighter and athlete. What people have to realize is that hard work, great teachers and education are what help me grow and succeed; not some sort of magic pill. I have been blessed with the best coaches and hard work and dedication are just a given, but education has also been instilment.

kenny florian reviews genetic performanceOne of the biggest keys to my athletic success is understanding who I am as an athlete and what my body was designed to do, and that is where GP has played such a huge roll! We all have spent countless hours working with strength and conditioning coaches and subscribing to their theories and athletic philosophies, but not any more!

GP has unlocked the genes that make up my athletic ability. With scientific DNA analysis, which was just a simple mouth swab, I now understand the genes that I have and what my genetic strengths are. Imagine just how good I am going to be now that I know just what areas to focus my training and fight plan on!


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