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Testimonial - Jonathan Chaimberg

jon chaimbergHow do you successfully train an athlete to reach top performance?

One of the world's most dynamic strength and conditioning coaches, Jonathan Chaimberg

Every great trainer and coach knows that you must create a workout designed for the individual. Here's the catch, it is all based on guesswork. The years of experience I have with strength and conditioning allow me to fine tune workouts for my athlete. I'm successful because I've developed a feel for what the individual needs, and my experience tells me what type of workout needs to be applied to take the athlete to the next level.

However, a powerful new tool has become available to reduce the guesswork, isolate exactly what the athlete needs and push performance to the top. If you want to be the best on the planet then everything has to be put together correctly. That means looking at the blueprints of the human body. DNA tells us exactly what each individual's body is capable of accomplishing.

jon chaimberg genetic performanceEveryone is different, with strengths and weaknesses, and if you remove the guesswork you can then apply the exact type of workout needed for that individual. Genetic performance , are years ahead of the curve. They seriously are leading a revolution that will transform how athlete's are trained. Strength and conditioning training is built on measuring the individual to nail down the right workout needed for the job, but it has always been measuring factors from the outside. GP offers up genetic analysis of an athlete's performance.

With their Athletic Panel test they are analyzing eleven different genes that hold the secret to an individual's athletic potential. They are measuring the inside, the core genetic plan that tells exactly what the muscles, lungs and heart are going to do. The test is simple, you just take a mouth swab and then send it off. Once the lab has analyzed it you get back a report, and suddenly your athletic potential is laid out before you. I would never have believed it unless I went through the experience myself.

When we get back an individual's results from the Athletic Panel test I take over with my proven system that has taken individuals to the top of their game, but now I can apply my methods to their specific genes. It is all so simple and makes perfect sense, design a workout for an individual’s specific genetic make-up. The science that analyzes the genetics is complex, but the information we get from the Athletic Panel makes it clear how you need to train to maximize performance. In just a few years the Athletic Panel is going to be essential for any professional athlete in any sport.

Its essential now, and I'm telling those I training, 'you're crazy if you don't understand your genetic make-up', because it gives crystal clear information about where your body can go with training. The thing is that people are only beginning to hear about the test. I'm taking advantage of this early lead, the athletes I train are taking this advantage, but soon everyone will need it just to compete.

Jonathan Chaimberg

Coach Chaimberg is a believer. GPs is the only company in the world to offer such a comprehensive test at a price that everyone can afford. Stop wasting time and money on theory, get the facts on who you are and the potential you have. The kit and information you get back is so easy to understand that you will get training results the next day because you will finally understand what makes sense for you!

Coach Chaimberg has also directed the GP Athletic Panel to professional law enforcement agents, firefighters, and military personal, allowing them to train to their top performance, which can be vital in their high risk

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