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National triathlon series

After being in the top 5 of the National triathlon series it was time to get back in the race.

After recovering from an injury I wanted to get back in shape and to be top at my game. I turned to Genetic performance to help me get there.

Knowing my DNA makeup helped me gain a deep insight into my physical strengths which in turn gave me knowledge to optimise my training.
Understanding my genes is like having my own personal map showing me how I should train.

My GP coach explained the benefits of my strength and conditioning program and helped me understand what I needed to do and how I was to achieve my goal.

My GP sports nutritionist is helping me to understand how to fuel my body, giving me that extra energy on race day and keeping me from hitting the wall.

I can see the benefits of having GP on my side; no more guess work and a plan for life. I will be in better shape for the coming season and have my game face on!  It really its amazing



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