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Testimonial - Georges St-Pierre

georges st pierreCurrent Welterweight Champion of the UFC - Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre UFC knows the importance of training appropriately for a fight. That is why he asked us to run the Athletic Panel on his DNA. Knowing how his body is genetically predisposed to respond to various physical stressors enables him to customize his training regime. GSP trains intelligently for each fight. Will you be ready for your next battle.


Professor Stuart McGill

Professor Stuart McGill on Genetic Performance
The most successful athletes understand how and why their body responds to unique and special training approaches. Unlocking the individuals' code is one of the keys to ultimate athletic development. I have used the GP athletic panel to guide program design in my own training and for athletes. I now understand why some approaches are better suited for one individual and not the other."


Testimonial - Kenny Florian

kenny florianHow do you successfully train an athlete to reach top performance?

Kenny has competed at the highest levels of professional Mixed Martial Arts, he recently had GP run his athletic panel and had the following to share.

World Cup kayaking medalist

We are delighted that World Cup kayaking medalist Jen Burke will be a brand ambassador for Genetic performance

Jenny has been American National Champion, and represented USA in numerous World Championships and World Cups. She is now focused on representing Ireland at Rio 2016


Training for a triathlon

Training for a triathlonSome people call it a midlife crises, an addiction, an obsession, all very negative terminology for something obviously healthy. I got into triathlons 3 or 4 years ago having given up team sports. I played hurling all my life through to my mid-thirties. When I eventually retired I had to find something to keep the weight down and satisfy my competitive spirit.


Irish Women's Touch Rugby International

We welcome Alannah (Irish Women's Touch Rugby International) to our Genetic Performance program.

Alannah aged 15 when she won her first senior cap and played for Ireland Women's Elite team in all 5 Home Nations Touch Rugby matches in 2013 where she was voted most valuable player by the English, Welsh and Scottish Associations.

No more guess work

Aside from being incredibly interesting,

Genetic Performance has helped me redefine my training routines and Nutrition plan.

I have gainied a deeper understanding of the science of genetics. I know how to train and why.

No more guess work! 





National triathlon series

After being in the top 5 of the National triathlon series it was time to get back in the race.

After recovering from an injury I wanted to get back in shape and to be top at my game. I turned to Genetic performance to help me get there.

Knowing my DNA makeup helped me gain a deep insight into my physical strengths which in turn gave me knowledge to optimise my training.
Understanding my genes is like having my own personal map showing me how I should train.

My GP coach explained the benefits of my strength and conditioning program and helped me understand what I needed to do and how I was to achieve my goal.

My GP sports nutritionist is helping me to understand how to fuel my body, giving me that extra energy on race day and keeping me from hitting the wall.

I can see the benefits of having GP on my side; no more guess work and a plan for life. I will be in better shape for the coming season and have my game face on!  It really its amazing



Testimonial - Warren CA USA

Genetic Performance DNA Sports"I have used the results from my Athletic Panel to tailor my training and in fact I consulted with a nutritionist using that panel

The nutritionist assessment was that I was eating too much protein as a percentage of my diet. She also recommended that I eat more frequent smaller meals with complex carbohydrates as well as reduced fat. This diet worked quite well and got great results.

Keep in mind of course that what I was doing was really a mess, drinking Muscle Milk protein drinks before training and stuff like that.


Testimonial - Mark Tullius

"If you want to give yourself the competitive edge, you have to train smart. By learning and understanding your genetics with Genetic Performance ’ Athletic Profile, you can maximize your potential and develop the best game plan. The earlier you can do the testing, the greater the advantage. It’s why I had my daughter tested at four.”

Mark Tullius.

Ivy League Graduate, Author, MMA fighter.


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