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Whatever your goal is; it starts with the decision to go out there and achieve it. It starts here, today.

You might have noticed that here at Genetic Performance, we don’t work with a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. The main reason for that is that it doesn’t work.

Wherever you are with your fitness and wellbeing, we will design a highly targeted programme that will help you to save time and produce maximum results.

If you could have the ultimate programme that gives you all the information you need to achieve your fitness and wellness goals – based on your own genetic makeup – what would you do with that information?

Generic programmes can give general results.
Unique programmes can give extraordinary results.
You don’t get

Want to get started now? Send us a message and we’ll talk to you about your unique programme!

What Does Tailor-Made Really Mean?

If you’ve ever tried to stick with a training regime or a diet plan before and failed, there’s a good chance that the reason wasn’t lack of will power. Each one of us is unique. Trying to stick to a plan that is perfect for somebody else won’t bring you the results you need. Our tailored programmes work with you, your body and your mentality to help you:

  • Stick to the plan – Each one of our programmes is designed to be attainable.
  • Push hard but stay safe – We’ll look at your limits and make sure that you can push them all the time without causing injury.
  • Remain on target – You’ll have our full support throughout the programme to keep you motivated and help you stay on track.

Whether you’re an athlete in training, an individual who wants to lose weight or somebody who wants to reach your optimal level of fitness and wellbeing, our programmes have exactly what you need to attain your ultimate goal. All you have to do is follow them.

Training Programmes

Our strength and conditioning programmes are all about results.

We look at where you are now, where you want to be and then we map out your personal performance pathway to achieving those goals.

Your DNA tells us exactly what your body will respond best to along with your limits and potential. With that information, we’re able to advise you on the best practices that will (if you take action) lead you down the path to success.


  • Information Letter
  • Genetic Performance Training Questionnaire


  • Two consultations with a Genetic Performance Sports Science Advisor
  • A personalized 12 week S&C training programme based on your sport of choice,
  • Online support for the duration of the programme.

Push for success in a controlled way that your body responds to in the best possible way to give you that edge in physical performance.

Nutrition Programmes

Our nutritional programmes are designed to have you powered up and ready to take on any challenge that you set for yourself. We make it our job to know you, nutrition and the best foods to deliver what you need. That means NO boring diet plans, just good clean energy.


  • Information Letter
  • Genetic Performance Nutrition Questionnaire


  • Two consultations with a Genetic Performance Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • A personalized nutrition programme with specific dietary recommendations to achieve your unique goals
  • Recommendations on the practical adoption of nutrition and dietary protocols
  • Race / event day challenges nutrition plan
  • Online support for the duration of the programme

Stay lean, strong and energetic 24/7 with a specific diet and nutritional plans that are not only healthy, but easy to adhere to.

Get The App

If you’re worried about sticking to the plan then don’t. Our Powerful Personal Trainer App helps you to keep up with your programme no matter where you are.
Absolutely all information from your training schedule to nutrition plan is contained in this App.

You can:

  • Keep track of what you need to do at all hours of the day.
  • Check in for a work out so we can keep you accountable.
  • Message us with training questions.

You’ll have access to videos for guidance and the largest exercise library. Download it for your iOS or Android device to make sure you never leave the plan behind.

Start Today

The longer you wait to get started, the further away you place your goal. Make the smart decision and start today.

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