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Mission Statement - Genetic Performance
  • DNA Analysis
  • Use Science to Reach Your True Potential

Mission Statement

When we founded Genetic performance we had one goal in mind. To do what no other training company considered possible.

We wanted to make genetic testing a part of daily life. To put the power and the knowledge of science and technology in the hands of every sports person in the world. People just like you and me. Whether fitness is a hobby for you or you're a pro athlete, this revolutionary system has the ability to change the way you train forever.

Genetic Performance is the future in sports training and nutrition.

I promise you that you will never look at personalized training and nutrition the same way again.

For all the sports people out there that are training for a marathon, ironman, football game or even crossfit. You know you cant train any harder but you can train smarter ... You have the passion and the will to succeed. We have the science to help you do it.

You know that most programs are based on Guess work – So why not remove the guess work and take action now? Take responsibility.

We believe by showing you your genetic makers and building you a bespoke plan and setting a goal will get you to where you want to be.

Join the hundreds of sports people around the globe and train from within. We look forward to being on your team .

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