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Why does Genetic Performance work?

Strength and ConditioningGenetic Performance uses the latest genetic technology to help identify the most effective way of enhancing performance that appeals across the spectrum of the beginner to the elite athlete. Genetic Performance DNA tests have been specifically designed to analyse the following criteria:


1) Muscle Fibre Type (fast/slow twitch)
2) Endurance/Power Potential
3) Recovery

The DNA test analyses 10 genetic variations which determines whether you’re a sprinteror long distance runner and the impact of your training regime on, strength, muscle metabolism and adaptability to training regimes. Don’t waste time and energy invest and take the test and begin to unlock your performance goals for the future.

Why a strength and conditioning Training Program?
Why participate in a sport which is not matched to your genetic code? Why invest energy and sweat into a fitness program which is not going to improve your performance? After taking the Genetic performance test fill in a questionnaire about your lifestyle and future goals and our team experts sport scientist’s will design a customised training program from an option of plans ranging from 30 days to 6 weeks. The program will direct the client towards warm-up, strength/power, muscle mass gains,flexibility/mobility and balance/proprioception. Each of the training plan options has an initial 15 min skype call to discuss your training program in further detail and a 15 min skype call to review your training progress with unlimited email support to facilitate your performance progression pathway.

If you apply the effort Genetic Performance will give you direction you need for sports,general fitness and nutrition.

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