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Rate of force development (ROFD ) for Tri-Athletes

Strength and Conditioning for Tri-Athletes

Rate of force development (ROFD) is probably the most important and under-recognized area of applied science pertaining to strength training and athletics. ROFD essentially refers to the speed at which force can be produced. In terms of swimming, running and cycling, being able to generate force in less time would improve economy of movement and consequently overall performances.

Now there are 2 main solutions to increase rate of force development.



The first is through the use of sub maximal loads and moving with high levels of Acceleration.

The second is through maximal strength training.

This relationship can be summarized in the equation below:

Force = (Mass) X (Acceleration)

Nevertheless there are different combinational training techniques which can improve ROFD.

Here are 6 ways to develop ROFD

1)Increase maximal strength


3)Olympic Lifting

4)Dynamic Effort

5)Medicine Ball Training


The science support team at Genetic Performance (GP) understands the importance of analyzing the test results and combining with it an individual strength and conditioning program to improve performance over the three events. Using the six different strength techniques above in a structured designed program in combination with the endurance elements of training which the sport demands improved performances will follow. Start the road towards an efficient and scientifically driven concept, simply take the test get the program and beat the rest!!!!





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