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Professional athlete for over 10 years

I have been a professional athlete for over 10 years . It always amazes me how most strength and conditioning coaches just use the same workout and exercise for all of their clients. I have seen this happening for over 20 years but times are changing now that science (especially DNA science) can play an even bigger role in sports, exercise, and conditioning.
As our workouts are based on genotype a lot goes into development as we have to account for not only the exercise that are right for an individual but also intensity, duration (time splits based on your genes), while taking into consideration ones age and health history.
This is why we send out a detailed questionnaire for our strength and conditioning and nutrition programs.
Once a person signs up to our service we will make contact with them to find out what their goals are, once they receive our program a follow up call is made to walk them through the programs and to set them on their way.
We take our business very seriously and everyone that orders the DNA-based fitness and diet panel gets our grade A service.

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