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Stacy Spector made her mark in 2013 starting at The Gaspari OCP Cape Cod Natural and winning her first Pro card in the figure division qualifying her for the Yorton Cup (toted by many as the worlds most competitive natural physique competitors competition). Stacy new to Figure completions decided to enter for the experience of the competition and walked away with 5th place which included 2 third place judges votes and 1 second place vote.

This was an extremely satisfying finish in only her 3 competition ever and having learned the posing and T walk nuances just a week prior. For icing on the cake Stacy entered a Pro Physique qualifier in Syracuse, NY at The New York State OCB Natural XIII approximate 3 weeks later and won her division getting her second pro card.



This off season Stacy has reversed her diet and periodized her training under the guidance of her coach IFPA pro Chris Jenkins and husband Jason Spector. At 12% bodyfat her lean mass is exactly the same weight she competed on stage at at 9% bodyfat, which is proof that this past off season she put on atleast 6lbs of muscle. Stacy's goal is to continue to improve and make her mark in the pro figure division while watching and waiting for the birth of a pro physique division which the IFPA does not currently have a pro category to compete in. Be on the look out for a very motivated, very muscular, and extremely competitive "Stacygunz"
Spector in 2014. Stacy is also a member of Sweethearts and Heroes Ant-bullying Organization and has spoken to young woman on body image and strength training for woman, She is a practicing attorney and mother of 7 year old Myles and 10 year old Kolby.

"Thanks to Genetic Performance I could arm myself with the detailed knowledge about my body adding to my arsenal for off season muscle building and upcoming competition prep, as a natural physique competitor data and details are essential for sculpting and chiseling yourself into the best version of you, Genetic Performance gave me that information".

Stacygunz Spector

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