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Are these letters and numbers the key to unlocking your athletic potential? Each of the above is a specific gene Genetic Performance detect in their sports-focused DNA tests.

By analysing each of these genes, Genetic Performance can help clients to understand the natural make-up of their body and, ultimately, refine and improve their training programme for their chosen sport.

David Epstein's The Sports Gene has helped to push the area of genetics further into the mainstream, while professional clubs in a range of sports have become open to the idea of testing the DNA of their athletes in order to gain a competitive edge.


Premier League clubs in England have already begun to analyse their players' genes, while Genetic Performance have reached out to the Irish rugby provinces to learn if they are receptive to the idea.
Genetic testing is not only for elite athletes.
There's an awakening of sports, especially in Europe. More and more people are going to events and training for Crossfit, which has exploded. We have a big interest from triathletes, ironmen, guys who are playing rugby and trying to get an edge in their game, GAA players, MMA fighters.
"You train hard to get where you want to be, and sometimes you can't actually train any harder. What can you do? You can train smarter; that's the reality of it."

Genetic Performance can help clients to create and manage more intelligent training programmes, routines that are fitted to each individual's specific genetic strengths and weaknesses. Muscle fiber type, isometric grip strength, lactate levels, VO2 max, exercise muscle pressure and aerobic fitness are just some of the elements analysed.
Genetic testing sounds like an advanced procedure, but in truth it is as simple as rubbing the inside of one's cheek with the cotton swabs Genetic Performance send out by post. The client returns the swabs in a sealed envelope and send it back to GP
Within weeks, the results are available and Genetic Performance will provide the client with an in-depth 12-page analysis of their sporting DNA.

What we're trying to do is bring science and technology into the hands of every sportsperson on the globe. It's giving people the understanding and knowledge of how their body works genetically
Including highly-respected sports scientists and nutritionists make up Genetic Performance team is as rounded as the product we provide.
A simple DNA test is the finishing point for some, but as we points out, simply having that knowledge is meaningless Genetic Performance can provide personalised 12-week strength and conditioning plans based on the results, as well as detailed nutrition programmes.

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