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Whether this Independent.ie reporter will be in the running for the 2016 Olympics or not will soon be revealed.

Irish company Genetic Performance have launched a revolutionary DNA test which helps people discover which sports they are naturally suited to, based on their genetics.

You could have an undiscovered aptitude for the canoe sprint, taekwondo or weight lifting.

Equally, it could be revealed that your genetic makeup means you might never excel at any sport.

On a serious note, no matter what stage of your life you are at, the test will allow you to put an end to the workouts that don't work and find out what type of fitness will best suit your natural abilities.



Based on the DNA profiling, Genetic Performance can provide information on your athletic abilities, a tailor-made training programme, sports nutrition and a genetic DNA diet.

Just four quick swab tests later and my DNA has been collected.

The cotton buds are sealed into an envelope and it will be a mere three weeks before I discover what sport my body is genetically built for.

The test, which can be ordered online and taken at home, is analysed by scientists and the information is kept confidential (until you see my gold medal, that is). 

Genetic Performance business development manager and fitness fan Joseph Dalton visited independent.ie to analyse my 'sports gene'. 

For more information on prices visit www.geneticperformance.com.

For information on Genetic Performance’s DNA Slim, a test that uses your genetic blueprint to create a weight loss plan.

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