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Importance of Aerobic Fitness Training

Importance of Aerobic Fitness Training
Building your aerobic system is vital when you're training for highly anaerobic sports like triathlons or marathons. To develop your aerobic system you want to keep your Heart Rate as slow as possible and not pushing it to its extremes. Developing an aerobic base will help your body with peak fat burn, health and lead to better anaerobic results.


Whether your sport is football, rugby, hockey, soccer or you simply want to be, feel and look healthier, those with the correct balance of Aerobic and Anaerobic regimes will experience improved stamina levels.
Different fitness aims will demand a difference balance of Aerobic and Anaerobic training. For all round fitness you should develop both equally but for instance if you aim to compete in weight lifting your aerobic conditioning does not have to be as high as if you were training for a marathon.
To create an Aerobic conditioning base you should be doing several long workouts per week. While it is possible to overdo Aerobic exercises it is far more common to over do anaerobic.
Don't make the mistake of taking things too slowly as you will find too much walking or easy running will take you much longer to achieve aerobic fitness than if you push yourself a little harder e.g. make your walk a walk/run or add a hill to your easy run.
Don't over-train i.e .putting in too much aerobic and failing to add in some anaerobic training. This will result in an aerobic/anaerobic imbalance. Your body can reacts with a run-down thyroid gland, you can lose body leanness and muscle mass, you can become tired on a more regular basis both mentally and physically.


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