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Imagine having your own personalized service manual

Type in 'endurance athlete' into PubMed, the world's most comprehensive online library of citations to biomedical literature, and you'll find over 4000 peer reviewed scientific publications on the subject. The results cover such topics as proper hydration, the use of carbohydrates in diet and specific genetic factors influencing athletic performance. Filter your search with the addition of 'genetics' and you'll get over 200 jaw-dropping papers on how endurance athletes perform according to their genetic make up.



Imagine having your own personalized service manual that you or your trainer can reference like a mechanic uses the service manual for a car. Knowing your own personal 'make and model' lets you know which parts are running efficiently and which parts need fine tuning to get you out on the road in peak condition.

This is how Genetic Performance can help you. By analyzing your DNA we can give you the manual to enhance your physical performance. We analyse a customised set of genetic variants relating to sports performance traits and provide follow up personalized performance and nutritional programmes to help you maximize your performance and endurance.

The Genetic Performance DNA Test detects markes in certain genes which affect your physical condition, your endurance capacity, your speed and strength.

• We identify your genetic abilities to produce optimal athletic performance
• We show you your genetic advantages and then show you how to maximize them with the appropriate training and nutritional action
• We identify your genetic athletic "barriers" and then show you how to minimize or overcome them
• We identify your vulnerability to sports-related traumas and injuries in order to help you avoid them

For example, your Genetic Performance personalized service manual can tell you if you have a genotype that leaves you susceptible to dehydration when compared to the optimal genotype, how important do you think this information could be to you in training for a desert marathon? Armed with this knowledge you can adapt your water and electrolytes intake to ensure that you are running at your optimum best.

Or having a particular variant in the gene MCT1 has been attributed to having significantly higher lactate concentrations in the blood. A study of several hundred endurance athletes found that some had a particular genotype that would allow them to perform at a higher level for longer. Now imagine you're keeping pace with the lead pack at 29km into Stage 2, you know your particular genotype from your Genetic Performance 'service manual' has a high lactate transport rate so you know that you can press the pace up that steep climb even faster to gain a little edge.

Put simply Genetic Performance provides you with the necessary information to make you better!

Taking the Genetic Performance DNA swab test couldn't be simpler, it doesn't require a blood test and is completely non-invasive. All you need to do is order your Personal Genetic Performance DNA Test. When you receive the kit, simply follow the instructions and send us back the swab. All of the laboratory work for genetic sports testing is done in a CLIA-certified laboratory in the USA. You have full discretion over your personal data and a unique code number is assigned to your sample during testing, so that the only person who knows your results is you. When we have completed the DNA analysis of your sample and delivered your athletic results, your genetic material is completely destroyed.

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