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Dublin City Triathlon

 Genetic Performance are delighted to be a sponsor at the Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon Ireland’s premier triathlon race.

Training for a Triathlon?

Did you know that your parents dictate your result?

Your genes dictate so much of your athletic ability that knowing your genetic make-up will help you improve your strengths and identify your weaknesses.

Genetic Performance analyses the genes that impact your training such as speed of recovery and risk of injury.


Have you ever watched a brilliant athletic performance and heard people comment, ‘they’re a natural’, or, ‘they are a born runner/swimmer/cyclist’? Well it turns out that these statements are probably true. Why? Because our genes play a key role in the biological systems required to perform in sport; like muscle formation, oxygenation of blood and tissues and metabolism of lactic acid.

Whether your goal is just to improve your sports performance, or enter in the next Triathlon, Genetic Performance is the new scientific step in performance training. With the aid of Genetic Performance, We believes that an awful lot of the guess work that goes into most training programmes is taken out of the equation, triathlon and fitness loving people will be able to train more effectively and efficiently.

“We provide information and tools for individuals to learn about their sports DNA, with the goal of maximizing their athletic or sports potential. We analyse a customised set of genetic variants relating to sports performance traits, Take the simple, non-invasive athletic DNA test in the comfort of your own home and send it back to Genetic Performance by post. Although we cannot change your genetic profile, we can now use science to identify it and use this information to help you maximize your sports performance.

Joseph Dalton

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