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Chasing better performances is the goal of every player and coach in hurling and football and the dynamic fluctuation in training techniques and methods has provided a confused landscape as to which program design will suit both the player and or team? As the pre-season approaches the usual battery of tests are executed to ascertain the player current fitness status but what if a test was available which precedes all tests and the results provide the formulae to design a bespoke training programme guaranteed to improve performance and ultimately success, the answer is Genetic Performance.



The genetic profiling determined by taking the test can and will indicate your strength and limitations as an athlete. The information available from the test are such things as muscle fibre type (slow twitch/fast twitch), the ability to remove lactic acid, the potential increase in VO2 max and the ability to increase anaerobic threshold .There are many more performance indicators highlighted on the test report that could be essential in the assessment of the modern day GAA athlete.

The demands of Hurling and Gaelic Football cut across a multitude of different components of fitness ranging form speed, speed endurance, strength and strength endurance; therefore having the information regards the potential and limitations of the athlete across the spectrum of needs of a GAA athlete enables the coach and or the player to focus on how to build upon the genetic template. No longer rely on the concept of one size fits all training program with the hope that it may improve performance,

Think about it .You are getting a service manual on how your body works, a tailor made training program designed on your genetics’, a nutrition guide so you can nourish your body in order to optimise its function

Taking the Genetic Performance DNA swab test couldn’t be simpler and it is completely non-invasive. When you receive the kit, simply follow the instructions, send us back the swab, and once we receive it, we will perform the scientific analysis.


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