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Athletic success

Athletic success at the highest level is about the integration of many factors: physical, mental, technical, tactical, strategic, genetics and nutrition. Peak performance is therefore the result of the optimal blending and integration of all of these factors.
The requirements for energy nutrients; carbohydrates, fats and protein is high in athletes and our Sports Nutritionist look at each macronutrient and peri-nutrition in respect of maximising performance and aiding recovery. We at GP know that the nutritional requirements of a strength athlete can be very different from that of an endurance athlete as they utilise different energy systems in the body. Vitamins and minerals are also vital for many metabolic processes in the body and are necessary for growth and development, most importantly for athletes perhaps is that they play a key role in reducing oxidative stress brought about by prolonged and intense aerobic exercise.

An exercised body is also more efficient at burning fuel and like any other sports model; the quality of the fuel plays an important role in performance.


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