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A new way to enhance your training

A revolutionary new way to enhance your training

As Rugby players know all too well, training can be very hard on both the body and the mind, the endless hours of standing in the gym lifting weights and the daily grind of trying to get their fitness levels up to the optimum level.

The days of generic, ‘one size fits all’ training programmes could very well be at an end thanks to a new company that will transform the way that people train and compete. This company is Genetic Performance.



The study of Genetics has advanced rapidly over the last few decades. Scientists are now able to map our entire genetic code instead of focusing on particular genes. They help us understand why people say ‘you have your mother’s eyes’ or ‘you are the image of Uncle Robert’.

Our genes can warn us about medical issues passed down through our families DNA and they also are used in criminal investigations.

So it should come as no surprise to find that our bodies approach to sport can be enhanced by reading your genes. Genetic Performance is the first Irish Company to offer these cutting edge sports and weight loss solutions worldwide. We will help you identify those exercises which compliment your body’s fitness needs. The answers are written in your DNA.

All of the second guessing, in terms oftraining programmes is now gone. We now have a genetic template whereby we can work together with the individual and tailor their programme to what suits them the most.

“Some people may be great at lifting weights, but not at cardio. They may find they are not achieving their maximum potential, but by using Genetic Performance they will be able to see what type of gym and fitness activities suits them the best”.

Imagine if you had a system in place where you could genetically look at a group of young rugby players for example. You would be able to see which players are most suited for the game.

Among the many people to have benefited from Genetic Performance is Kenny Florian. Kenny has competed at the highest levels of professional mixed martials arts and is fulsome in his praise for Genetic Performance.

“One of the biggest keys to my athletic success is understands who I am as an athlete and what my body was designed to do, and that is where GP has played such a huge roll. We all have spent countless hours working with strength and conditioning coaches and subscribing to their theories and athletic philosophies, but not anymore.

“Genetic Performance has unlocked the genes that make up my athletic ability. With scientific DNA analysis, which was just a simple mouth swab, I now understand the genes that I have and what my genetic strengths are. Imagine just how good I am going to be now that I know just what areas to focus my training and fight plan on”.

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