• DNA Analysis
  • No More Wasted Workouts

The Science Behind The Test

DNA Training ScienceScientists have begun to find the genes which play a direct role in determining exercise capacity. Whether you run, swim, row or kick a ball, Genetic Performance has developed unique DNA analyses procedures based on this scientific breakthrough. Using a simple DNA swab test, this allows us to identify your Athletic Profile and outline your natural performance strengths. All information, samples and results are handled to the strictest medical procedures and protocols.





The Genetic Performance Test and Athletic Test involves 4 easy steps:

  • Order your Personal Genetic Performance Test 
from our online store now and receive a DNA kit in the mail.
  • Follow the instructions for swabbing your mouth for DNA.
  • Send the kit back to us in the pre-paid mailing envelope provided.
  • Receive your results in 6 - 8 weeks.

After you have received your results, the option of ordering a personalized Genetic Performance Training Programme based on your test results is then available.


What can you learn from your results?

  • How your genes affect the biological functions that are necessary for performance in the sport you are already involved in.
  • If you are at increased health risks (e.g. hypertension, cardiovascular problems) during exercise and training.
  • How susceptible you are to sport-related injuries (tendons, bones, inflammation) and how you can protect yourself from them.
  • Whether, or not, you have the appropriate genes for optimal performance in respect of endurance capacity, strength and/or speed, so that you can choose a suitable sport (either at professional or amateur level).
  • What your genetic advantages and barriers are, in order to direct your training program and diet plan to achieve optimal performance with minimum waste.

Scientific Testing

Scientific TestOnce our laboratories receive your cheek swab, our scientists will take collector material and then add it to an extraction solution. The solution helps remove the DNA from the swab material. Upon completion, your DNA will be ready for testing.

After several steps, scientists analyze your "unknown" genetic markers using fluorescently labeled probes designed specifically for our tests, with dyes for each of the four DNA bases (A,T,C,G);


  • A probe with a blue dye would associated with the A base
  • A probe with a green dye would associated with the T base
  • A probe with a red dye would associated with the C base
  • A probe with a yellow dye would associated with the G base

Your labeled DNA is then placed in a machine that reads the fluorescent wavelength of the probe’s dye. If the machine reads the wavelength for the blue dye, we know that you have an A base for that genetic marker.

When the 9 key tests are performed results are correlated and dispatched to you.