• DNA Analysis
  • The GP Test is the world’s most detailed, most accurate sports performance DNA test

About The Test

One quick, painless test will change the way you train forever.

When people say “I’m not cut out for running” there’s a truth in that. Your DNA plays an important role in what sports you can excel at, the various nutrients that your body needs and even the training that will help you to be the very best that you can be.

  • Eliminate guess work from your training. Information about yourself doesn’t get more accurate than this. You can be certain that everything you do will be pushing you closer to your fitness and/or athletic goals.
  • Access the knowledge base of a whole team experts. Our scientists teamed up with world champion professionals and top-flight amateur athletes to create the most powerful athletic DNA test on the market
  • Don’t keep paying. Unless you’re Spiderman, your genetics won’t change. This is a one-time test that will tell you everything you need to know for the remainder of your life.

This is all about big results in the quickest time. The answers are within you. And our test will get to them.


How It Works

Reaching your ultimate performance level takes hard work and dedication. That’s why we’ve made our test as attainable and easy as possible to use:

  • Send off for your test pack
  • Swab a cotton bud around your inner cheek
  • Send the kit off
  • Wait for your report (at the moment results are coming back between 6-8 weeks)

If you want to be even more time efficient – you can use our experts to create the most targeted programme to suit your unique needs based on your report.


The Reality

The reality is that not everyone can be great at everything. But some of us can supersede even our own imagination.
Our test is about one thing: Distinguishing your true athletic potential by analysing your genetics and showing you how to bring out the best in you.

  • Know your limits – Instead of feeling frustrated about the things you can’t do; learn about the reason behind it and adapt your programme to either eradicate the problem or focus on something else that will yield the results you want.
  • Make the right choices – How many times have you tried a programme and had poor results? Now you can make smart decisions based on what YOUR body and genetic make-up will respond to best.
  • Be ahead of the game – While everyone else is using a ‘try it and see’ method, you’ll be using methods that are certain to bring about optimum athletic performance. Your DNA is your ‘cheat sheet’ to ultimate health and well-being. All you need to do is access it.

One goal. 4 easy steps. Make the first of many smart decision now and get the test.


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