• DNA Analysis
  • DNA Analysis
  • You can't train any harder, but you can train smarter.

  • Understand your genes for that extra competitive edge.

Our products help coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve performance through sports-related genetic analysis.

Now thanks to the latest breakthroughs in genetic testing you can find out what type of exercises and sports you are genetically build for. Our purpose, at Genetic Performance, is to make this ground breaking DNA testing available to all. 

Tom Murphy, professional athlete, psychologist and member of the Genetic Performance team explains the GP sports DNA test. Tom talks about our genes, revealing the genes that determine athletic performance, build individual exercise programs and maximise your sports performance.

Which sports are you built for?

Which sports are you genetically most suited to? Now, for the first time, you can find out. By isolating and reading the relevant genes we can determine which type of sports you are physiologically suited to.

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How can you get a competitive edge?

How can you improve your sports performance? By isolating and reading the relevant genes we can determine the optimal type of training for you. Training to suit your unique make up. Training for your body, not some generic body. Your first step is the GP DNA test. 

About the test..

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